More LTN displaced traffic and pollution is scheduled to be pushed out onto the borough’s main roads:

An additional Highbury LTN

Islington Council has recently installed two LTNs in Highbury (Highbury West and Highbury Fields). It intends to bring in one more, understood to be to the east of Blackstock Road/Highbury Grove. This additional LTN will displace more traffic and pollution onto Blackstock Road/Highbury Grove, and worsen traffic congestion on Green Lanes. 

Lifting of lockdown

At some point the stay at home directive will be lifted, and with residents and businesses getting back to their pre-pandemic lives and routines normal road use will resume. Coming out of lockdown will therefore add back routine traffic onto our roads.

Highbury is home to the Arsenal football club. Post lockdown, football fans
travelling to a 60,000 capacity football stadium here is clearly also going to add intense pressure onto our local main roads on match days.

Rollout of 20 LTNs across the Borough

Islington Council intends to create a network of 20 LTNs, imposing these across the borough under a rolling programme. So far less than half have been installed. Each additional LTN will push more traffic and pollution onto adjacent main roads. 

Cumulative impact

As (post lockdown) life and traffic return to normal, more and more displaced traffic from the borough’s growing LTN network will be pushed out onto our main roads. These are roads along which people work, cycle, walk, wheel and shop. It’s not hard to see that as the Highbury and Islington LTN network grows these main roads will be increasingly choked up and and risk eventually being completely overwhelmed by traffic and pollution. 


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