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Islington has always been known as a friendly and buzzing borough. We in Highbury are a close-knit community filled with a fantastic mix of people, ranging from born and bred Londoners to those who have fallen in love with Highbury and chosen to settle here.


Keep Highbury Moving is a diverse collection of Highbury people, many of whom were born in or have lived in Highbury for many decades. We include parents and carers for the elderly and disabled, local Highbury businesspeople, and ordinary families.

We support reducing traffic that cuts across Highbury, but we object to the way that this has been done through Islington Council undemocratically imposing sweeping LTNs, and we are deeply concerned about some of the negative impacts that LTNs are having on the Highbury community. We recently came together as a group because of these shared concerns, and to work together to get these concerns listened to and addressed by the Council. 


To help us to be heard we have created this website, created a Twitter account, distributed leaflets, launched a petition and published a newsletter. We have also written press articles and engaged in countless exchanges with Islington Councillors. We have gone round the newly restricted roads and our local main roads and stood for long periods by the new camera gates trying to help confused drivers work out how to navigate their way round the haphazardly signposted road closures.


We have spoken with and listened to people both face to face and on local social network platforms, to hear their views. We have done this because we are concerned and because we care, and because everyone that is affected needs to have the opportunity to comment and be heard, not just the section of our community that is comfortable in using social media.

Who we are

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