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At 18.04pm on Wednesday 6th October Islington Council announced on Twitter that it was reaffirming its commitment to the PFS programme whilst making some changes to “make it easier for Blue Badge holders to travel in Islington”.


A link attached to the council’s Twitter announcement revealed that a PFS Update Paper dated 6th October 2021 will be placed before the Council Executive meeting on Thursday 14th October. The Update Paper includes PFS recommendations for approval, including as touched on above.


The Update Paper is 28 pages long. It also has 2 appendices. There were not attached to Islington Council’s tweeted announcement and are not easy to find on the Council’s website by residents unfamiliar with navigating their way around it. We managed to find them and you can read them using the links below:


Together these three recently published documents produced by Islington council comprise 109 pages. These 109 pages are being submitted by one small Council team to the Council Executive, with the pre-determined intention of approval. 

If this Labour council continues to fail to apply proper checks and balances openly and fairly to the blinkered (at best) and deliberately misleading (at worst) actions and approach of its PFS team in relation to the Islington LTN trials then it cannot expect and does not deserve to be re-elected by its residents. 

Islington Council keeps imposing its views despite the lack of consultation and without taking into account in any meaningful way the views and varied needs of the Islington community. 

Here is our letter to Islington Council with our objections

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